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Your Ultimate Guide to the Best AI Headshot Generators

Updated on July 1, 2024
Which AI headshot generator should you use for your LinkedIn profile photo?Which AI headshot generator should you use for your LinkedIn profile photo?

Your Ultimate Guide to the Best AI Headshot Generator

Read below the best AI professional headshot generators for your AI LinkedIn photos. Keep reading to see which one is our favorite.

In 2024, there are many different ways to create the best headshot for LinkedIn. One of those is by using an AI-powered headshot generator.

An AI headshot, also known as AI LinkedIn headshot or AI LinkedIn photo is a professional portrait of a person, created entirely using AI. Some AI headshot generators offer free options, which can be a fun and great way to try out the technology without any cost.

But how does it work? And which AI headshot generators are the best? How come some people seem to get great AI headshots and others get terrible headshots?

AI-generated headshots have featured everywhere from the Washington Post, to Forbes and has even been used by senior directors at large Fortune500 organisations.

Let’s take a deep dive at how to navigate the world of AI headshots

  1. The Multiverse AI - AI LinkedIn Headshot Generator
  2. ProPhotos.ai - AI LinkedIn Headshot Generator
  3. PFPMaker - AI LinkedIn Photo Generator
  4. Fotor - AI LinkedIn Headshot Generator
  5. AI SuitUp - AI LinkedIn Photo Generator
  6. Headshots by AI - AI LinkedIn Photo Generator
  7. Aragon AI - AI LinkedIn Photo Generator
  8. Dreamwave AI - AI LinkedIn Photo Generator

What are AI headshots?

Before and after for a LinkedIn AI photo, also known as an AI headshot or LinkedIn AI headshot

Before and after for a LinkedIn AI photo, also known as an AI headshot or LinkedIn AI headshot image.

AI headshots are headshots or portrait photos that are created using AI. Usually, the process takes about 10 minutes, and involves the user training an AI model through AI-driven headshot creation. Instead of booking a professional photographer, you simply upload photos (usually 12-15) of yourself as references to train an AI model. The AI then analyzes these images and generates high-quality headshots that look professional and polished. These headshots are perfect for social media profiles, corporate uses, or personal branding on platforms like LinkedIn, E-mail, or your website. They provide quick results and offer various customization options to match different needs and preferences across industries. AI headshots can be a convenient and cost-effective alternative to scheduling a professional photo shoot.

How does it work?

Generating an AI headshot or AI LinkedIn photo is generally done through the same process using AI headshot software. They are usually straightforward and user-friendly.

  1. Select an AI headshot generator such as the Multiverse AI. Upload a minimum of 10 clear photos of yourself that are from different settings and backgrounds in order to give the AI more data to work with. This helps generate a more accurate and diverse set of headshots.
  2. The LinkedIn photo generator or AI headshot generator goes to work. Some generators allow you to choose from various customization options including different backgrounds, styles and poses.
  3. You receive you results in a few hours and select the ones you like the most.

There’s also a last step. In all the AI headshot generators that we have tested, the outcomes tend to be mixed.

When you get 100 photos, you will still get a significant percentage of photos that are “off” or “strange. I’m talking about photos that don’t look like you or where some of the features are off.

I’ll talk more later about how to get the best possible results and increase that percentage of good photos. In any case, you can usually find at least 10 or more that are perfect. I personally had the best AI headshot results with the Multiverse AI.

👉 See my walkthrough on how I created my AI headshots here

Benefits of Using AI Headshot Generators 

  1. Cost Effective: compared to traditional photography that can cost hundreds of dollars, AI headshot generators can be 10x cheaper for creating AI-generated portraits. I will give some examples of prices of some popular AI headshot generators later.
  2. Convenience: Easily accessible whenever and wherever you are, as long as there’s an internet connection. This saves you lots of time and effort instead of scheduling and attending a photoshoot.
  3. Consistency: Ideal for creating uniform headshots for teams or companies, something difficult to achieve with traditional photography.
  4. Speed: AI headshots can be created within a few hours, whereas traditional photoshoots can take days to develop the final work.

What to watch out for with AI headshot generators?

So as I mentioned, many AI headshot generators and AI photo generators struggle to create photo-realistic images, with some users even reporting that their AI professional photos were “botched“. These users reported that the “software can make skin tones lighter” or “change the facial expressions and features”.

Here are some of the top things you should watch out for when it comes to using an AI-generated headshot on LinkedIn:

  • The skin appears rubbery and unnatural.
  • The teeth are excessively white, or the eye color is overly vivid.
  • The image is too cartoon-like or illustrative.
  • The shadows and lighting are inconsistent, overly dramatic, or absent.
  • The background seems unrealistic.
  • The attire is inappropriate.

How to get the best results with AI headshot generators?

To get the best possible results with AI headshot creation, I suggest you make sure to have upload variety, avoid duplicates and don’t cover your face in the photos.

I recommend to adhere as close as possible to the guidelines that the professional headshot generator recommends.

  • Upload Variety: Include 12-20 different photos taken in various lighting conditions and wearing different outfits.
  • Avoid Duplicates: Don’t upload photos that are a series of selfies, taken at the same time! This is very important since it skews the results. Make sure to upload photos taken at different times, in different outfits.
  • Don’t cover your face: Don’t upload photos of you wearing hats, sunglasses or with other coverings that might obscure your face since the AI won’t be able to learn what your face looks like properly.
Make sure to follow the guidelines set out by the AI headshot generator to get the best results for your AI LinkedIn photo

Make sure to follow the guidelines set out by the AI headshot generator to get the best results for your AI LinkedIn photo

For a detailed guide on how to get the best AI headshots, including pro tips and troubleshooting, check out our comprehensive guide to getting the best AI headshots.

What to avoid:

When you're choosing which photo to use, make sure you avoid these things to select the best AI headshots for your LinkedIn.

  • The skin appears rubbery and unnatural.
  • The teeth are excessively white, or the eye color is overly vivid.
  • The image is too cartoon-like or illustrative.
  • The shadows and lighting are inconsistent, overly dramatic, or absent.
  • The background seems unrealistic.
  • The attire is inappropriate.

I've seen people select some BAD AI photos and it can be so obvious! Make sure you go with a reputable AI headshot image generator, so you can avoid that.

Can I get free AI headshots?

In most cases, no. Some free AI headshot generators allow users to upload a few photos to create headshots of a personal, custom AI model. These AI headshot tools can be used for personal or business purposes, giving users control over the usage of their photos. But in most cases, you’ll also be able to ask your boss or HR to reimburse you for a free AI headshot. You can use my email template for asking your boss to get an AI headshot here.

What is the best AI headshot generator?

Which AI headshot generator is the best will depend on your needs and preferences. Our favorite AI headshot generators include the Multiverse AI and PFP Maker.

The Multiverse AI is a great AI-generated professional headshot maker and is used by PFP Maker which lets you remove the background of a photograph in order to add a solid color background. It’s an easy and free way to make your LinkedIn profile photo pop, even though it’s not a true free ai headshot generator.

I tried out the Multiverse AI myself, compared the results to some of the other headshot generators that made professional headshots and can say that I really prefer these headshots over the other. See here:

My Results with the Multiverse AI

My results when creating professional portraits with the Multiverse AI!

Now let’s explore some of the best AI headshot generators! What are people using for their best headshots yet? What makes them stand out? How much do they cost? This list will help you find the perfect tool for your professional headshots!

#1. The Multiverse AI

ai linkedin headshot generator

ai linkedin headshot generator

  • Trusted and used by professionals at major industries like Google, McKinsey and Forbes
  • Great for both individuals and teams with an easy-to-use admin dashboard
  • Straightforward process with a one-time fee and ultra-realistic results
  • 20 free AI linkedin photos with a customizable outfit and background. I LOVED this feature because it let me generate photos in a white background - which I needed for work.
  • AI headshot generators like The Multiverse AI are best for those looking to get realistic, professional photographs for a platform like LinkedIn. This AI headshot platform provides high-quality images tailored to your needs.
  • You can get 100 professional AI headshots plus 20 custom photos within 2 hours for just $29.

#2. ProPhotos.ai

ai linkedin photo generator

ai linkedin photo generator

  • Fast turnaround time: Prophotos.ai has some of the fastest turnaround time of all the AI linkedin photo generators
  • AI selection: Using AI, the tool discovers which photo looks the best and suggests it to you
  • Their $39 starter package offers 40 AI headshots with 8 outfits and backgrounds, and the results will be ready in 90 minutes. Premium package is $49 for 100 AI headshots and professional package is $59 for 200.

ProPhotos.ai is an AI headshot service that provides high-quality AI-generated headshots.

#3. PFPMaker

ai linkedin headshot

ai linkedin headshot

  • AI-Enabled Editing: Generate and edit images from selfies with AI enhancements.
  • AI Headshot Solution: PFPMaker offers an AI headshot solution to create professional images.
  • Specific Styles: Choose from single or multiple photo styles to manage costs.
  • AI Enhancement: Enhance photo quality using advanced AI technology.
  • User Control: Greater control over the generation process compared to other apps.

#4. Fotor

linkedin headshot with ai

linkedin headshot with ai

  • Cost-Effective: Fotor is a self-serve, affordable AI headshot generator tool accessible with Fotor Pro credits.
  • Diverse Styles: Offers a wide range of style options, from professional LinkedIn photos to imaginative scenarios like being in space.
  • I really liked how clear they were in what you can use them for, and their other photo editing tools for the best professional AI headshots.
  • A one-time fee of £15.99 for 20 headshots, £23.49 for 40, and £31.49 for 80.

#5. AI Suitup

ai linkedin photo

AI headshot technology transforms casual photos into professional-quality headshots quickly.

  • Ensures fast delivery of 150 professional HD headshots for $29.

#6. Headshots by AI

linkedin ai headshot

The AI headshot system uses Stable diffusion and Dreambooth technology for consistent output.

  • Auto-deletion of source images upon elapse of 24 hours from submission.
  • Offers to generate an e-business card at no charge.
  • Basic deal of $25 for 30 professional headshots, $35 for 60, and $50 for 120, all within 1 hour turnaround time.

#7. Aragon AI

LinkedIn AI headshot

LinkedIn AI headshot

  • Aragon AI offers AI headshot generator software where you only need to upload 6 of your favorite photos. The AI does the rest, analyzing and creating stunning shots.
  • You get a variety of backgrounds, poses, and styles to choose from, ensuring your headshot is perfect for any use case, whether personal or professional.
  • Plans start from $35 for 20 high-quality headshots, and you can choose 5 outfits, backgrounds, and poses with 2 hour turnaround time.

#8. Dreamwave AI

LinkedIn AI headshot

LinkedIn AI headshot

  • Developed by AI experts from MIT and Google, Dreamwave AI is an AI headshot creation tool that uses cutting-edge technology to produce highly realistic headshots without the typical “AI look”.
  • Dreamwave AI specializes in generating consistent, professional headshots from entire teams, making it perfect for companies that need to unify their employee photos.
  • Unlike many platforms, Dreamwave AI doesn’t require account creation, which streamlines the user experience.
  • Price starts from $35 for 120 professional headshots, then $59 for 250 and $99 for 500.

Our favorite is... The Multiverse AI!

The LinkedIn AI headshots created with the Multiverse AI for Teams AI headshot generator platform were near-indistinguishable from real photos. The team feature lets users generate linkedin headshots for their entire team with ease which I think is such a neat thing.

More importantly, the Multiverse AI also comes with a whole library of documentation and robust support in terms of how to get the best results for your AI headshots, which is super helpful. I didn’t realize how steep the learning curve could be for getting the best AI headshots. It was interesting to learn more about how AI works.

I also really liked how they let you create custom backgrounds. I needed a headshot with a white background and was able to make that with their custom program after a couple of tries.

AI headshot results from the Multiverse AI

AI headshot results from the Multiverse AI

Customer Experience

One of our customers will now show you how the Multiverse AI performs, highlighting their AI headshot experience. If you feel like it, you can follow these steps and see the results.

“This is hands down the best tool that I tested. the images are definitely something I could use in my LinkedIn profile or such”.

Quick start guide: How to create AI headshots in ten minutes

ai linkedin headshots with the multiverse ai for teams

ai linkedin headshots with the multiverse ai for teams